Build blockchain based solutions with zero Knowledge of Blockchain coding on DIYNucleo Platform



DIYBlockchain was consulting and service provider company until it decided to expand with its unique product called DIYNucleo.Blockchain development is a complicated process and it requires skilled experts and a lot of time. Enterprises now do not need to worry about it. DIYNucleo is a zero code blockchain development product which allows enterprises to develop blockchain based solutions for themselves without having knowledge of coding on blockchain.

DIYNucleo is built with the automation of all the layers of blockchain development and with keeping security in mind. The following are the layers of DIYNucleo.

  • Infrastructure
  • Protocol Layer
  • Smart Contract Layer -UI/UX Layer
  • Test / performance / deployment Layer.

Why Should One Go For DIYNucleo?

Currently, Blockchain development is full of challenges. Some of the challenges faced with blockchain development are

  • It gives customers Bad experience.

Most of the customers do not get the product that they look for. Users often experience issues with UI/UX and sometimes with backend.

  • Poor quality of the product.

Often products lack the features what the user requires.

  • Lack of talented and qualified staff.

Most of the enterprises lack programmers and developers with proper knowledge of blockchain development.

  • Most of the time budgets are exceeded.

It is very difficult to build products within budget.

  • Product often requires updates

A blockchain product requires various updates over time, since there is a question of security of data.

  • Products are not flexible

Most of the blockchain based products are not flexible. It is very difficult to make it changes according to the requirement.

  • Most of the products aren’t build within the timeline.

It is a very time-consuming process to build a fully featured blockchain product within a given time due to complexities in coding.

DIYNucleo is promising to eliminate some of the challenges since it cuts down the time, resources and efforts of blockchain Development to 75%. DIYNuclueo’s mission is to be a nucleus for all technology solutions by empowering communities and Industries.

Features of DIYNucleo.

  • A user does not need to code anything and has options for downloading of code.

With DIYNucleo a user does not need to learn any programming language like solidity or any other.

  • It is cost-effective, intuitive and smart.

DIYNucleo is backed with AI and automation. An enterprise does not need to do any coding.

  • It has a drag and drops gamified platform.

DIYNucleo has a great platform which features a great “drag and drop” functionality that the components and solution is made of.

  • It has got excellent performance and speed.

Since it has a feature of “drag and drop”, it provides excellent performance and improves the speed.

  • It Empowers the community and Industries.

With DIYNucleo, DIYBlockchain promises to empower various communities and Industries around the globe.


DIYNucleo will be integrating with Sawtooth initially and later on it will be integrating with Hyperledger and Ethereum. Another great feature of DIYNucleo is that anyone who commits some code snippet that is approved by DIYBlockchain will be awarded with DIYCash. DIYCash is the token which runs the economy of DIYBlockchain. In short, DIYNucleo promises to be a great platform for developing blockchain based solution in a short time and with zero code.

To find out more about DIYNucleo and DIYBlockchain, visit ,


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