New Approach to Make Income from DIYCash


DIYNucleo, which provides an integrated solution for developing and running decentralized apps with a zero-code development method, has made public the details of how to make money from its token, DIYCash. The DIYCash owners could get a regular return for renting their tokens to DIYNucleo’s decentralized network within its platform.

DIYNucleo has released approximately 900 million DIYCash to market so far. This amount of DIYCash is being used as the ‘gas’ to pay for app execution on the DIYNucleo platform.

The economy of DIYNucleo is supported by DIYCash, which is the chief currency of the platform. To run their apps on DIYNucleo, app owners buy DIYCash to pay fees to the platform. DIYNucleo pays Agoric Nodes in the form of DIYCash to carry out app activities on their network of Activity Compute Nodes (ACNs). Setting up ACNs is quite simple. Anyone with an internet-connected device, such as a mobile phone or laptop, can set up ACN to earn DIYCash for running app activities in the background of standard operation.

Compute Nodes need a minimum DIYCash as operating reserve to initiate generating income for running apps on the DIYNucleo platform. This minimum DIYCash can be borrowed from the pooling program. DIYCash owners will be given a quarterly return in exchange for contributing a fixed quantity of their DIYCash to the pool.

“The DIYCash pooling program offers DIYCash holders an effortless way to make income from their DIYCash, and put in extra fuel to the DIYNucleo community engage developing, selling and running apps,” said Neha Soni, Founder of DIYNucleo.

“If a person may not be in a financial position to have enough DIYCash available to run an Compute Node himself, pooling still permits him to earn from his DIYCash”, Neha Soni said. “In decentralizing the technology that facilitates us run our lives, we’re democratizing the ability to make money from the IT industry.” To find out more about DIYNucleo and DIYBlockchain,



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